Knoxville Forward

Marshall Stair is running for Mayor to take Knoxville to the next level, while making sure everyone – in every zip code – shares in our success.

Welcome to the Campaign

Marshall Stair for Knoxville Mayor 2019

8 Priorities to Move Knoxville Forward

Marshall has been an integral part of our progress on City Council. As Mayor, he’ll bring a bold, energetic vision that will keep moving Knoxville Forward.

Safe and strong neighborhoods

Innovative economic development

A 21st century approach to roads and transit

Smart growth and affordable housing

Diversity, inclusion, and open government

A Mayor who fights for schools

Improving our quality of life

“It has been an honor to have played a role in Knoxville’s success during the past eight years serving on City Council and I believe the future is even brighter! I am running for Mayor because I want to ensure every Knoxvillian has a high quality of life no matter what zip code they live in, and I have a bold vision to move Knoxville Forward.”

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